Greetings, Internet! I'm Christina O'Donnell, a computer science tutor and enthusiast based in Cambridge, England.

You can find more information about my tutoring on my tutoring services page.

I have a First Class BA in Mathematics and Computer Science for University of Oxford. You can read more about my professional history by downloading my CV.

My research interest is a formal system I call SGL, that represents all concepts as labeled directed graphs. Node identity is determined entirely by its outward links (up to isomorphism). My ultimate aim is to create a common abstract language that could allow programs, proofs and data to exist in the same 'space'.

Some of my projects can be found on GitHub.

I also play wheelchair basketball for Hareward Heat WBC.

I am always happy to be contacted by all humans (as well as some high-quality marketing bots!) For that, you can email me on christina@octocurious.com (or equivalently cdo@mutix.org).

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